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mei 2021


Photography trip to Kenya

Kenia, a country with numerous national parks and colorful wildlife. One of eastern Arica’s most dynamic destinations. Today we present our extended trip to Kenya. In a couple of months, we are going to be free to travel and gather exciting memories. Kenia as a destination might be one of the first ones to go overseas. 

Kenia photography trip 

As you may know, we already are offering a photography trip to Kenya. The richness of nature and wildlife is one of the treasures Kenya is offering. We are going to explore the culture, way of lifestyle and return home with the most incredible photographs. The culture behind Masai people is once in a lifetime to witness. We are having a private session with the so-called ‘Masai warriors’, where you can capture the beauty of this incredible culture. They are not used to communicate much with the outside world, and they prefer to stay away from tourists. Despite this fact, we have established genuine connections within the local culture so we can have this opportunity. 

On the other hand, the national parks in Kenya have been a great attraction for people all over the world. They show so much of the nature and wildlife of the country than anywhere else. It is always great when we can watch wild animals in their habitat, like hunting lions or tall giraffes walking around. A challenge when it comes to photographing them. It would take some time and patience for the perfect photo shot, but it is worth it. 

Kenya trip will be extended

Announcing great news, the trip to Kenya will be extended and filled with incredible experiences. We just cannot take enough from this amazing place. This country has so much to offer and explore so we will provide more days at the different locations. We will be able to focus in-depth on the Masai culture and the indigenous people around Kenya. Watching the traditions in action and the different lifestyles always brings powerful emotions. In this way, on the other hand, we will have more time for what we love, photography. 

As we know, the perfect shot may take some time, the light, the composition, or something else. We can take our time and take the best shots from different angles. The opportunity to go to more photography locations and shot different subjects, from stunning landscapes to wild animals. Besides, we can spend more time with the local people and getting to know this diverse part of the world.

Is a photography trip also on your bucket list? Then check out the package of photo trips and tours. Or read about the different destinations in one of the blog.Would you rather photograph in the Netherlands? That is also possible! Feel free to check out the various photography workshops.


Sneak peek on Iceland photography trip

This week we are presenting a little preview of what is happening behind the scenes. As you already know we are planning a summer trip to Iceland for the future. Here you can find a sneak peak of some of the most exciting places we are going to visit. 

Iceland in brief is a country with a colorful and dynamic landscape, from hills to canyons and hundreds of magical waterfalls. There are so many places we want to explore within this destination and see the beauty of nature through our lenses. Let’s have a look at some of these photogenic places. 


Iceland’s waterfalls are all amazing and exciting to photograph. Kirkjufellsfoss is in the foothill of a beautiful mountain called Kirkjufell. This is one of the most photogenic mountains in Iceland. With its shape this mountain has great value in your photo background. The waterfall composed in the shot with this stunning landscape would bring the best shots, the view is speaking from itself. 


Hverir is a geothermal area in the foot of the beautiful dark mountain Namafjall. This phenomenon includes great landscapes and fumes which gives a great view. The colors are extraordinary and very interesting to work with for the best pictures. The cracks in the area are creating the land unique and very photogenic. A lot of fumes are showing in this land which gives great opportunities for pictures. Last but not least, the mud pools are a must to be seen as well as photographed in closer shots. 

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon/Diamond Beach

Jokilsarlon Glacier Lagoon or nicknamed the Diamond Beach is a lake filled with meltwater from an outlet glacier. These icebergs are sometimes relatively big with clear colors mostly in bright white, however with the skylight and water reflection there are a lot of blue tones within. The lake is spectacular to photograph as well as witness. It can be a challenge for photographers but in the end the results are incredible. Playing with the colors and the whites, every shot is unique and tells its story. 

Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon

The magnificent canyon Fjaðrárgljúfu is a great feature of Iceland beauty. You can approach it from below or on the upper route depending on what kind of shot is planned. It could be a challenge to find the balance between the highlights and the shadows but the outcome would be incredible. There is an opportunity to change perspective and shoot very different photographs within the canyon. When the sun touches the cliffs, and the reflection in the water from the river inside, creates the best feeling.  


Seljalandsfoss is the name of one of the most attractive waterfalls in Iceland. Easy reachable by the road we will be able to visit this unique destination. It is famous for its shape and points of access. In other words, we can walk around the waterfall and find different angles and perspectives to photograph. The most attractive place to photograph is actually behind the water where you can play with the light and water into the right composition. Sounds exciting right? One more thing, do not forget your water-resistant clothing and gear because it can get wild.

Is a photography trip also on your bucket list? Then check out the package of photo trips and tours. Or read about the different destinations in one of the blog.Would you rather photograph in the Netherlands? That is also possible! Feel free to check out the various photography workshops.

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