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maart 2021


New photography trips coming soon

New destinations coming up

Travelmarks Photography is ready to travel again. These extraordinary times during the Covid-19 pandemic are useful to search and develop new photography trip destinations for all travel and photography enthusiasts. We haven’t forgotten about you and we can’t wait to present our two new destinations coming up soon – Iceland and Senja island Norway.


Iceland has been on our minds for a while, now we are developing a new photography trip to select the most interesting photogenic places within the country. It is one of the countries which are present in almost every traveler’s bucket list, crystal blue water, beautiful hills, and waterfalls make it paradise. When you hear Iceland, you may think of the Instagram picture of the Blue Lagoon, the most famous place, and quite crowded. However, Travelmarks Photography is searching for the most authentic places, hidden spots which has the qualities for great shots.

The exact locations will remain a secret for now but expect the unexcepted, the wait is worth it. These locations are picked to be accessible and easy to reach. Therefore, we are talking about great waterfalls, hills, and caves which will not only take your breath, but you will be able to capture the moment in a photograph that you want to show to everyone. In addition, Iceland has great National parks which are a must to be explored.


We have seen the beauty of Norway and we want to include new areas for photography, which have the same character but different. Travelmarks Photography is traveling already to the central part of the country or the Rondane National Park. Nevertheless, we want to explore the beauty of the north, which we believe the best location would be Senja Island. This is the second biggest island in Norway, sided by the Atlantic Ocean. With the wild diversity of mountains and hills, the landscape is incredible to watch and photograph.

Going on North the chance of taking the best photo of the Northern Lights is very high. This is one of the most famous phenomena in Norway and it is spectacular to be seen. As travelers, we keen on going on adventures, see and memories as much as possible.

Senja island has all of it. It is favorable to photograph the mountains and hill landscapes, as well as the higher the better the northern lights, can be seen. Besides, small villages and shipping docks have all the color and sight of the culture of the country. Last but not least, the plenty of beaches are great for sunset and sunrise photography.

Is a photography trip also on your bucket list? Then check out the package of photo trips and tours. Or read about the different destinations in one of the blog.Would you rather photograph in the Netherlands? That is also possible! Feel free to check out the various photography workshops.


Brexit for Ireland and Northern Ireland

The world is constantly changing, now one of the biggest news in Europe is Brexit. This post is about the current situation between The United Kingdom and Ireland. Two different countries, one island, and now just one of them is in the European Union. What will change from now on?

Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland trip

Travelmarks Photography is offering a photography trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland, a combination of city photography and nature and landscape. Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland is the starting point which is great for architecture and portrait shots. On the other hand, we head to the north where the breathtaking nature is dominant- hills, mountains, and waterfalls are just amazing for photography. However, there may be some changes in the future due to the recent leaving of the United Kingdom from the European Union.


As we all may know, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, which now is a fact. Officially from 1st February, 2021 UK is not part of the European Union, but some changes are in effect to Ireland and North Ireland. The conflict is that the Republic of Ireland is a European country whereas the Northern part of the island is British territory. This area has been known as Common Travel Area, which is an agreement settled by both countries to ensure that British and Irish citizens can move freely within the island as well as including the right to work, study and vote in certain elections, as well as to access social welfare benefits and health services.

The Northern Ireland Protocol

After the adaptation period, Brexit is official and applies from 1st February 2021. What will this mean to Northern Ireland and the Common Travel Area agreement? Following these events, the Northern Ireland Protocol will turn into effect from this date. The Agreement commits UK and EU to maintain an open border on the Island. There will not be an official hard border and citizens from the UK and European Union will be able to cross freely. The Northern Ireland Protocol states that all the benefits and respects in this area will be continued with an extension of the Common Travel Area rules application. There will be a difference in the imported and exported goods between these countries because of EU food standards and checkups, which was not necessary when the UK was a European country.

What does this mean for the European traveler?

As we mentioned already there won’t be major changes in traveling between the two countries. Moreover, The Northern Ireland Protocol is aiming to avoid a physical border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Regarding visas and passports, there will not be any immigration control points. However, since you might not get checked as a traveler you should carry your passport with you entering Northern Ireland.


Besides, before traveling you are recommended to have health insurance. Your European Health insurance card (EHIC) will ensure your health insurance only in the Republic of Ireland. As the UK not being part of the EU, these rules do not apply. Visitors should arrange for themselves health and travel insurance while visiting the Northern part of the island. Always check with your insurance provider before the trip.


Is a photography trip also on your bucket list? Then check out the package of photo trips and tours. Or read about the different destinations in one of the blog.Would you rather photograph in the Netherlands? That is also possible! Feel free to check out the various photography workshops.


New photography workshop Maastricht

Scouting Maastricht 

Welcome everyone! We are working on something new coming up on Travelmarks Photography very soon. This will be a new photography workshop destination – Maastricht. 


Sneak peek what is on the menu

The capital of Limburg, Maastricht, is great for city photography with bustling city center and mixture of old and new architecture. Moreover, it is surrounded by beautiful nature and famous national parks. 




Reserve naturelle de Eijsden

We started out with some morning nature shoots outside the bustling city, in the ‘Reserve naturelle de Eijsden’, which is located right next to the border with Belgium. The park is occupied by diverse animals, walking around you. We were lucky to see and photograph the wild horses in their natural habitat.


Basilica of Saint Servatius


Later we head to the heart of Maastricht, the Basilica of Saint Servatius located at the famous Vrijthof square. This building is one of the most beautiful and majestic in the town. Entering the Basilica, you will be amazed by all the colors and religious items. Photographing the basilica inside is a perfect way of playing with colors since the building is closed and very little light is coming through the glass painted windows. This is the time to play with the settings of the camera!


Further we visited the Gouvernement, it is an iconic building representing Maastricht. Surrounded by water and blossoming trees makes it perfect for photos. The interesting architecture is as challenging as exciting to photograph. 


Sint Servaasbrug

Photographing the oldest bridge in the Netherlands sounds good right? It is still in use for pedestrians, and it is an icon for the city and Limburg province. You can approach the bridge by many angles and find the best for a shoot. Photographing the surroundings can be amazing addition to your photo combining the bridge with the reflection in the water. 




We are combining all kinds of photography in our workshops and last but not least we are finishing with nature shots. The Brunssummerheide is a national park near the city. After exploring the city, it is time for quiet time and outdoor photography. 



Is a photography trip also on your bucket list? Then check out the package of photo trips and tours. Or read about the different destinations in one of the blog.Would you rather photograph in the Netherlands? That is also possible! Feel free to check out the various photography workshops.

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