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Travel and photography enthusiasts know that proper preparation and planning is essential. There are countless apps that can help you with that, both during the preparations and during the trip. In this news item we give you a tip on a number of useful apps that should not be missed during your trip.


The most useful apps for travelling

Camera app

If you have a camera that is compatible with an app, it can be downloaded for free. SnapBridge from Nikon or Camera Connect from Canon are examples of this. The app gives you the option of remote shooting, viewing and downloading photos directly.

Astro photography

There are a few factors to take into account when photographing the (starry) sky. First of all, the Golden Hour app is highly recommended so that you know exactly when twilight takes place. The Stellarium app helps you with an accurate overview of all the stars and planets. There is also an app for photographing the northern lights, which is called Aurora and lets you know exactly when and how big the chance is to see the northern lights. With the Light Pollution Map app you can check how much light pollution there is, so you know whether the phenomenon can be captured properly with the camera.

Weather conditions

One of the most important factors to consider when traveling and when shooting. By having different weather apps on your phone you can compare them with each other for an even more accurate weather forecast. The AccuWeather, Clear Outside and Weer Online app are quite accurate and therefore a good option.


The Google Maps app is already known to many, but the app is a good alternative for offline use. You can also download different maps as long as you still have internet and use them when you no longer have access to WiFi. The Google Earth app is very useful if you want a more detailed map.


The government also has some useful apps. The Reisapp contains a lot of important and useful information, for example about the safety of the country you want to go to and other travel advice. The CoronaCheck app is also one of them, on which you will find an overview of all your vaccinations.


Are you traveling by plane and has the flight already been booked? With an app from the airline itself, you can often already check in online via the app, which saves time at the airport. In addition, you immediately have your boarding pass in the app and you cannot lose it. The Skyscanner app is a good option for comparing flights, so you can see at a glance what the options are.


Looking for a place to stay? There are also apps that offer endless possibilities for this. is a well-known platform that compares different providers. Airbnb is a popular alternative, and you can often find more unique accommodations there. For those who prefer to stay in a hostel, the Hostelworld app is recommended. Would you rather go out with the camper and are you looking for a place to camp wild? Park4night is an app that shows you all these places.


Those looking for transport during their trip can use the Uber or Grab app to request a ride. When using public transport, apps such as Rome2rio, Omio and Moovit are very useful to plan your journey. These apps show you your route step by step and you will be immediately redirected to buy a ticket.


Some entertainment during the trip cannot be missed, especially during a long drive, flight or evening off. With apps such as Spotify and Netflix, it is possible to download music, films and series so that you can still enjoy them without internet. It is only possible if you have a subscription.

Inspiration and entertainment

Some apps for entertainment during the trip are Tripadvisor and GetYourGuide. Not only reviews can be found there, but also activities and tours. GetYourGuide is mainly aimed at attractions, museums, activities and tours that can be booked directly via the app. For more inspiration or sharing your own journey, Polarsteps is a well-known app. You can record your trip and route per day with photos or plan a trip with the help of other people's guides and tips.


Photography workshops and trips

Would you like to learn more about photography and your camera yourself? Or gain more experience during one of our photography trips? All Travelmarks workshops and trips are in small groups and accompanied by a professional photographer. For more information, take a look at the many workshops and photo trips and sign up.


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