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Adventurous Norway, a photgraphy paradise

What Norway has to offer? A better question is what Norway doesn’t has to offer. Behind every corner there’s something new to tickle your senses. You’ll never get bored!

This is the country that made me decide to start organizing photography tours. This is where I mapped out my first routes, off the beaten track, to show both the amazing and famous locations of the country. Norway has so much to offer, it would be a shame to only focus on the well-known Lofoten or Spitsbergen.

Norway also gave me some challenges. My girlfriend often jokes that, when I have my camera with me, the camera is my first love and she is the second. Obviously that’s not true, but try explaining! Anyway…After a shot along a fast flowing glacier river, my camera unfortunately but inevitably fell in the water. Was this the end? I didn’t think so. Or according to my girlfriend, I didn’t think at all while she had to watch me jump in the river to save my camera. I got overwhelmed by the current and the cold water, but after a third try I got it! My luck was that it got stuck underneath a rock. My bad luck; the camera died, but luckily the memory card didn’t. Yes, I still had the photos! Kino Linders shipped me a camera to lend, what a great service! Muchas gracias! Let it be clear, that this isn’t something to try at home…

Grateful to be on our way again, because my God, it was one spectacle after another. Rough, wild, open space, calm, enchanting, challenging and adventurous; Norway gets to you. It’s amazing to meet the Norwegians while hiking through nature. The mountains are their gym and they thankfully use it. It’s a joy to see how they are one with nature, like seasoned mountain goats they pass you by, greeting you with a smile. They allow you to go wherever you like, as long as you stay away from one’s property at least 150 meters and clean up after yourself.

It’s amazing to wake up in this gorgeous piece of nature, that’s the true Norwegian experience. The sight of delightful landscapes, the smell of moist grass, the crystal clear river water…how beautiful can a day start?

National parks Southern Norway

The southern part of Norway is rich of National Parks, with countless record holders. Did you know you can find Europe’s biggest glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park? That Trollveggen Europe’s highest vertical mountain formation is? That the highest mountains in Norway can be find in Jotumheim with peaks at 2469 and 2464 meters? UNESCO is also well represented; the colorfull houses of Bergen’s Bryggen and the crowned most beautiful fjord Geirangerfjord are found in the south of Norway. World’s most beautiful route, the Atlantic route, crossing the ocean and is connected through eight bridges. Pulpit Rock, also known as Preikestolen, is a nature wonder that you have to see with your own eyes. Just like the beauty of Rondane National Park.

It’s obvious; I’m a huge fan of this gorgeous country that is advanced in many ways. A country to lead by example!

Have you become enthusiastic and do you want to see it with your own eyes? That's possible!

Check here the photography trip in Rondane, Norway's oldest national park. An experience not to forget, guaranteed. I would like to take you to unique locations that do justice to the park. Check here to see the gallery with photos from Rondane.

Travelmarks photography.. your experience!

Till clicks!


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