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This week we want to present one incredibly good cause for the people of Kenya or more specific the Maasai culture. Kenya is one of our favorite destination countries, so rich and colorful. So, we think it is important to know more about the culture itself and the Nairoshi foundation, which supports the young population of the country.

Maasai culture

The Maasai culture is practiced in the biggest part of Kenya. These indigenous inhabitants are spectacular to watch and explore their way of living. They are differentiated by their clothing and the popular traditional dances. Big groups of tourists are rarely accepted near these villages. That is how the Maasai kept their authenticity and live their lives as they want.

However, during my visit, I was well accepted and lived for a couple of weeks in one of those villages and get to know the culture. I spent the time at the Nairoshi Foundation, so I was within the locals. I learned so much about the lifestyle and the challenges of the Maasai people. Families usually have multiple children, and the conditions are not the highest. Most of the time families don’t have enough resources to send all of their children to get a proper education.  The lack of support has great consequences. They go to school for some time and then stop.

There is a gap between high school and college when the education is paid, and most families cannot afford that. Usually, young girls are arranged for marriage and to have children. Here comes the Nairoshi Foundation which supports the younger population of Kenya to be more educated and have a choice of different opportunities.

Nairoshi foundation

The Nairoshi Foundation is an organization in Kenya that is supporting the younger generation of the county to get a proper education. They often stop going to school at a young age around 13 tears old. The Nairoshi Foundation is rewarding these kids with entering and graduating higher education levels like high school. They are supported by donations and sponsors who are willing to give enough to change their lives and give them more opportunities.

Their mission is to support families living in hard conditions and change their lives and futures for the better. The projects of the foundation are all community-based. They are focused to improve the quality of life of the Maasai people in southern Kenya. There are three main projects at the moment. The Maasai widow program supports women in hard times. It is hard for them to support their children on their own so they are usually forced to stop their children from school so they can help the family. Therefore, the Nairoshi Foundation accepts these children to gain higher education as well as provide employment opportunities for widowed women.

Another project is the ‘Hope’ Academy which is a school build by the foundation to ensure education for children who don’t have access to such a ‘privilege’. Last but not least, they support students or young children through their academic development. After they finish the Hope Academy these children get support and the resources to go to high school and university. The Nairoshi Foundation is supporting numerous boys and girls to pursue their dream careers and get more future opportunities for success.

Better life

Kenya is one of our greatest photography destinations. We all love the landscapes, the culture and locals, and it’s wonderful wildlife. So Travelmarks Photography is supporting organizations like the Nairoshi Foundation that can improve the way of living in the country. Their mission is a great cause that needs to be followed. We want to see this better future for the children and  to make sure they have options in life like more career opportunities. Many girls are dragged to marriage and early pregnancy which can be changed. You can easily donate any resources so they can fulfill their dreams or become a sponsor which means that you will support a child in need through its education like high school and university. Together we can do it possible for many more young children of Kenya.

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